LINK CITY: Malkin not done jobbing Nash, Versus ad, Gary Roberts that were born in blood.
Reminder: the Pens game tonight is on CW, after the Pirates game.
Probably. Who knows. Rick will have the scoop in Gameday. Rossi with a worthwhile read about some shit, most importantly Malkin jobbing Rick Nash [ Trib ]
Nash accused Malkin of slashing him during the game. Malkin's response:
Love it. What a dick.
Rick Nash sucks. A local kid is receiving Crosby-level hype. [ Trib ]
"Brandon Saad, a Gibsonia native projected to be selected in the top five of the 2011 NHL entry draft, won't turn 18
until Oct. 27 but already showcases the kind of maturity and modesty that has become synonymous with Crosby."
Word is he is already practicing dull responses to every question. Pens demoted backup goalie Mattias Modig. [ Empty Netters ]
We updated his Wiki page to reflect this, too.
First time we've ever edited a Wiki page without ill intent. John B. found these at Trax Farm:
Solid. Penguins and disk defrag? [ prweb ]
The Versus TV ad promoting Opening Night:
Apparently the Pens are playing in the Mellon on opening night.
[ Puck Daddy ] has more about the ad. Some Rangers blog has talked themselves into Ruslan Fedotenko. [ Blue Seats ]

"Some may not like it, but Fedotenko would make the Rangers a better team. He gives the Rangers a bona-fide scoring threat on the second powerplay unit, and a consistent 15 goal guy who will bounce between the second and third lines. In a wide open Eastern Conference, a guaranteed 15 goal performance can be the difference between the seventh place and 10th place." — Blue Seats.


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Whatever you do, go read the comments on that blog post.
Great read about how Gary Roberts trains people. [ TSN ]

"So Roberts took his trainees grocery shopping, to a massive organic healthy food market/cafe called Nature's Emporium in Newmarket, Ontario. They went aisle by aisle, learning about foods they'd never heard of, let alone eaten.

Roberts then worked with the chefs at Nature's Emporium to design a full summer menu for his troops. Every meal they ate had to meet his approval." — TSN

Guess what.
Screw that Winter Classic reality show.
A reality show featuring Gary Roberts' Training School has so much more potential.
A recent survey shows that agnostics and atheists know more about religions that religious people.
That's funny. [ PG ]

Wikipedia Read of the Day: Jonestown.

The Port Kaituma airstrip thing. Wow.

Go Pens