LINK CITY: Puck Daddy’s Pens preview, cheap jerseys, pandas
Puck Daddy has been tying professional wrestlers to every team in their previews.
It's a great read all the way around over there.
Obviously, there's great coverage of Friday night's Blue Jackets game. [ Penguins ]
And as Matt mentioned in his recap last night, the Pens are wearing the CONSOL patch on the road:
-Molinari says it's looking like Orpik won't be fined or suspended for the Franzen thing. [ PG ]
In a recent Link City, we showed that Lemieux Wales Conference jersey.
Got some e-mails about it.
Anyone who's been around the blog recognizes LostDefender2's name.
He wouldn't job.  This might be worth looking into if you want to snatch up a cheap jersey.
'Cause we just did.
We've seen a lot of Stephen's stuff.  This one is amazing.
You can see more pics on his blog in the right sidebar.

Justin H. sent this in.  Hilarious.
Wikipedia Read of the Day: Jack Churchill
Courtesy of Darby E.