LINK CITY: Malkin’s ready, Shero, FU

Links that play in a garage league.

Good read about Geno really wanting to step up his game. [ Globe and Mail ]
"I have injury on my shoulder last year, now it feels stronger. I miss hockey. I'm ready."


>> Rob Rossi has a really good Shero article with some reaction from players, scouts, and agents. [ Trib ]


"Ray is a very detailed person. He knows what's going on, but he knows how to delegate. As scouts, we do a lot of back and forth with (assistant general manager Jason Botterill). That's not to say that Ray doesn't know what's going on. He does, and that's because he calls our scouts just to say, 'Hey, how's it going?' Our scouts think that's pretty neat. I can't say so personally, but they tell me that's not the way it was in other organizations."

>> Wednesday night, Bing, Geno, and Candy are all expected to suit up. [ ]
Also from that link above is talk about our boy Brett Sterling.
Telling you right now he'll get at least one shot in the NHL this year.
Deposit this link city in your bank account.
Penguins Insider has more on Sterling.
Casey Pierro-Zabotel broke his finger at camp and is gonna be out 3-4 weeks. [ PG ]
Which brings us to the Wikipedia read of the day:
How stupid is the middle finger. Who cares.