LINK CITY: Stephen S., NHL Live, cornhole, birds, Rick sucks

A collection of links that woke up with a carrot in its ass.
Kris Letang signed one of Stephen's drawings at that thing Monday night.
Every season before the current one called and asked if he missed the drawing.

Big thanks to Ryan B., who grabbed the portion from a recent NHL Live where they mentioned Stephen's SaucyFace mask that was shown on the big screen at the Classic.  Breaking news:  People with dead skin don't win Cups.
A bunch of people came through with pictures of the Are You Ready.
But Tylor B. has a solid video.
We're still on the hunt for a crystal-clear version of it.
Sick cornhole boards from Winter Classic tailgating.
Pic from Jeff M.
Morgan Freeman and Bruce Boudreau join forces?   From Michael G.
-Thousands of birds fell out of the sky on Monday in Arkansas.
In related news, Mike Green sucks.
-Check out this shit.
Colorado had a 7-on-5 at the end of a game, and it went completely unnoticed.
Headed to the WJC Finals.
Rick and his horse celebrated in the only way they know how.
Wikipedia read of the day: Amelia Earhart
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