LINK CITY: Crosby/Malkin Out For ASG, Go Steelers

Links that are pretty sure Tim Horton's coffee is laced with coke. Sidney Crosby is out of the All Star game. This was first reported by Dave Molinari on his blog last night. Per Molinari, a source inside the Crosby camp verified it.  Yes, Crosby has a camp. [ PG+ ] Rossi also reports Malkin may be a no-go. [ Trib ] other All Star news, Mike Green was named an assistant captain. In a game about no defense, it feels right.  [ WASHPO ] has the video of "Stiffening up the goaltender('s) Johnson." B. spotted a Phaneuf jersey at the Australian Open. P. was in the Czech Republic over the summer and bought these stacking dolls.
Two things:
1.) Ponikarovsky.  Really.
2.) Every one of these looks exactly like Pascal Dupuis. video about Beer League adult hockey, via Btip:

Today would have been Myron Cope's


From one nation to the other.

Go Steelers