LINK CITY: Winter Classic masks, 24/7 whiteboards, Greatest Games pre-order
Fleury on the right. can watch the edited version of 24/7 Episode 1 at the Pens site.
Or watch the unedited version here.  Thanks to P-Damp for the link. Bourne over at Puck Daddy broke down the whiteboards in the locker rooms on 24/7.
Check out Asham's kid becoming U.S. ambassador to Dangla-desh. 2 of Pens Greatest Games looks like it's gonna be released March 1st.  40 bucks.

You can pre-order it at Best Buy.  Thank to JEFF for this. Flyers/Pens game ended up having the largest regular-season viewing audience in Versus history.
Funny video from Greg in Bellevue about Stopping the Woo:
From @erinprah:
Interesting pic from POOK.