LINK CITY: Malkin injury, Civic Arena auction, Toilets, Preggo Wang
Links that heard Philip Seymour Hoffman will be the Penguin in the next Batman movie. Malkin's not playing in New Jersey Thursday night.  It'll be good for the Pens to play without their big guns.  It will only make them better.  Empty Netters found where Malkin may have re-re-re-re-tweaked his knee recently in Boston: The Malkin analyses are still going strong: The new two-headed monster: Does anyone even remember what Mike Comrie's injury is?
Whatever it is, it hasn't stopped him from taking Hilary Duff to the bank.
She's pregnant.  Heather M. with the link. Speaking of pregnant, CHRISTINE K. snapped these pics of leggo my preggo Wings fan:
What a bizarre question to ask after you've become pregnant.
Guranteed her husband's name is Roger or something.
Unreal Sweater spotted at Wangs game by MATT M.
Wikipedia read of the day: Cracking your knuckles