LINK CITY: Security issues for Winter Classic, BackTeching podcast
Why? Because the Steelers don't want to pay them the standard holiday pay.
This is embarrassing. Steelers have more money than Jesus. Pay them. No-brainer.
If this can't get sorted out, we are volunteering our services.
Give us nightsticks, radios, handcuffs, and Tasers.
Anyone wearing red goes to an internment camp we're setting up in the Civic Arena.

Chris talked with the Building Sound Engineer of CONSOL.
At about the 21:30 mark, they discuss Ryan Mill.
Segment on Jeff Jimerson at the end, as well.
There are a few extenuating circumstances necessary to make it happen, but still interesting. We promised ourselves not to get swept up into Hilary Duff stuff.
But that was before we knew Mike Comrie was gonna go Ouellet on us.
KENNY F. sent along a bizarre article where Hilary talks about Comrie's love of clothes.
They will be spending Christmas together in Pittsburgh.
If you do fantasy hockey, get Comrie on your team in December. Mark that down. Mike J. sent this in, and we don't know what's better:

That you can buy cabinet knobs with the Pens logo on it…
or that there's a website called Sports Knob Empire.
Reader Brett was in New Orleans for the Steeler game.
See if you can find Waldo:
Reader Jon was at a Caps game and saw this character:
If you're wear ball-hugging jeans, big deal.
But we draw a line with these shoes.
Wikipedia read of the day: Space Shuttle Columbia disaster