LINK CITY: Malkin sucks, Crosby’s underrated

A ridiculous article was posted on the Internet recently, asking whether Malkin has peaked while speculating that Malkin will be part of a blockbuster trade if  "things continue to get worse."  Only thing that continually got worse was that article as it went on.
For those of you not familiar with Internet lingo, this article could be considered "flame bait."
The only reason it was written was to see what kind of rise the author could get out of people.   
On the other side of the coin, Rob Rossi wrote an article recently wondering if Crosby is underrated.  Anyone reading the title of the article would be like wtf is this.  Clearly, Crosby is not underrated by any stretch of the imagination.   The entirety of Rossi's article centered around the fact that Crosby only has one MVP award so far in his NHL career.  Breaking news: The MVP award is poop. 
Joel over at Black and Blue and Gold had something to say, as well.
Our message to any media personalities covering the Penguins: 
We get it.  He's good.  Talk about something else.   
Cory asks whatever happened to goalie cams.  Valid question.   
If you're married to her, aren't you wondering if that radio host gave her the business after the show?
This stuff is why Mike Comrie is a liability. Guerin might be joining the Pens organization in a suit role. little read on MAF over at NHL Hot Stove.   
wtf — dick shilling
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