LINK CITY: Mike Comrie scores tonight, Winter Classic stuff, great All-Star news

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Heard it here first. Mike Comrie scores tonight against Boston. Hey look everyone.
The Winter Classic is going to have its own Terrible Towel. [ McArthur ]
Real quick check.
1. Yellow seats.
2. Yellow Towels waving.
3. Blue uniforms. There was a big whine fest from Caps fans because the original logo for the HBO series was using black and gold:
And recently HBO has updated it to this:
Info from DC Sports Bog And finally, a couple HBO videos made their way to the Internet recently.
Found these via on Twitter. The NHL and ESPN. [ Toronto Star ]

"Versus has an exclusive negotiating window in December. But as of now the NHL is in a better position than ever. Not only is it coming off buzz-inducing playoffs that saw record ratings for hockey and a renewed interest in the sport, but it may well be the only sport on the dial next autumn." On that same subject, starting November 15th, Versus will start having a nightly hockey show.
It's Monday-Thursday, 11:00 pm. Curious timing. [ Puck Daddy ]
Probably the coolest news from the NHL so far this season:
This immediately makes the All Star game interesting, doesn't it?
The Toronto Star has more on this:
"The teams are expected to be picked during a live television event at the start of the all-star weekend. Players will earn a trip to the game the same way as the past — with fans voting for the starters and the NHL’s hockey operations staff rounding out the rest of the pool."
So awesome.
Wikipedia read of the day: Empire State Building
Go Pens