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Links that are tired of talking about MAF and the powerplay. Fleury blah blah blah [ PG ]
blah blah blah [ TRIB ]
This would only be in effect for goal/no-goal decisions.
And every one of those are dealt with already.  Dumb. left early from practice on Monday.
And Brent Johnson took a sick day.  [ TRIB ] did an interview on NHL Live. Kunitz averages 5:21 powerplay time per game, 9th-most in the NHL.
Interesting stat from ConorT.
This graphic showed up during some football game.  [ Deadspin ]
Thanks to CoreyC for this.
During a recent practice, Kings players all wore mullet wigs; a dig at Ryan Smyth.
Jason K. iPhone wallpaper
Wikipedia read of the day: Apollo 13

This video will change your day.