JOBBER BUS: Icethetics

Over the weekend, we visited the official Pensblog Garage to put an old friend through its paces:
The Jobber Bus doesn't have heat anymore, but we didn't need it for where we were going, which was Florida, home base for the Icethetics blog.  This blog jumped on the scene after the lockout sometime, leaking and speculating about all the new Reebok Edge uniforms and designs and new logos and shit.  It was a solid everyday or every-other-day read.  And still is.
During the Pens' run to the Finals in '08, Icethetics started conducting some reader polls where people could vote on the best logo, jersey, center-ice layout, etc, and the Icethetics guy crowned a winner.  We were linking to them, and because it was during the playoffs, an unlimited amount of readers went over there and voted for Pens shit; the Pens won the center-ice layout, we all pushed Fleury's mask far in the goalie-mask tournament,  and there was some other bullshit that was affected by a mass of Pens fans going over and voting.  We saw that the integrity of the voting was being compromised, and since we love that website, we decided to stop linking to the polls, as weird as it sounds.
Fast-forward to this past weekend.  Chris, the proprietor of Icethetics, is a self-described Tampa Bay Lightning fan, who has always tried to veil his hate for the Penguins, but it's always there. So, recently, when boy-toy Stamkos humiliated himself on that penalty shot and Pens fans taunted him by chanting his name, Chris went into some rant about the Penguins and ended up breaking one of our new golden rules, which is not to use the terms "classy" or "classless" in a blog post on the Internet.  What he said:
So, what we're asking Chris for now is a formal apology in a blog post on Icethetics for this Stamkos whinefest.
Nothing major.