LINK CITY: Sick pics, TV contracts, Ratings
Links that texted pictures of their junk to Alyonka Larionov.
Pens game on opening night set some record for Versus.
Head to Da 'Guins Blog for video from the CONSOL opening night ceremonies.
Sick wallpaper from ChikkaChiChi.  Click it.
Also, check out these panoramas he's assembled: 1 | 2 | 3
Some rapper namedrops a bunch of hockey players.  2:19 mark.
Thanks to Justin R. A couple of great links about the new NHL TV contract on the horizon. Ben S. found that the Sports Illustrated hockey preview has two Atlantic teams finishing in top 3:
We made this same blunder in our Homo the Goat conference preview.
Only difference is, he is a goat.
Wikipedia read of the day: VELCRO
Big one tonight.
That's Halak.  Who cares.
Go Pens.