LINK CITY: Behind The Scenes, Singapore, Gary Roberts, 66
What a pic. Just found it. Has no tie in to this post at all.
Links that spent most of yesterday watching hockey and thus are really behind schedule today.
Number one link goes to Backteching and Consol tech mastermind Chris Devivo. Great read on his day yesterday.
2:00 Back out to the head end room to talk with Versus more.
Our 2:00 yesterday revolved around deciding which naked woman to look at. Great read from our boy Sean over at Pitt Magazine. [ The House That Mario Built ] Blitzburgh Brian spotted Calgary Flame T.J. Brodie wearing #66
Probably grew up idolizing Lemieux.  Guess what.  Don't care. Steven M. reminds us that there is a free Center Ice preview on some cable providers until late October sometime.
Check your local listings woo Check out the rinko blog for how to check your team. [ Rinko ] In honor of Jordan Eberle's first goal last night, here are some other great first goals.  Somehow Mario wasn't number one. [HOTH] The Kings released their retro jerseys. [Icethetics] Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie from TSN list their top rookies for the season. Greetings from Singapore
Read of the day: Panic Attacks