LINK CITY: Got somethin’ coming up, somethin’ kinda big
Links that were almost posted on Wilkes-Blog as a procedural move.
Both of these sites have great previews.
New T-shirt at Dick's.
And now's a good day to get all caught up on Benstonium's Pens Withdrawal videos.
Chris Mack is now lurking on the Internet.  Good times.
Patrick F. sent this in.  nooooooooo
Caroline spotted MWSMT in St. Paul of all places.
MWSMT on a segway?  Richard R. sent this in, spotted in an ESPN article.
We put the word out on Twitter yesterday to send in any anomalies you've found in the Mario Mosaic.
But half the ones we're getting are basically making fun of how people actually look.
Not good.  We have standards.  wooo
Speaking of Twitter, when the Tangradi news hit Wednesday night, no one knew why he was "headed" to Wheeling.
Thankfully, #tangradirumors was started to get to the bottom of it.
Wikipedia read of the day: Kennywood
We'd have more links, but…