LINK CITY: Penguin spirits, NFL, pumpkins, and .GIFs

Links that lie with their eyes while their hands are busy working overtime. Nice interview with Kris Letang from Pittsburgh Magazine.
Most interesting part of that article?  Realizing Dominic Moore has landed with Tampa Bay. A little bird says the Pens are unveiling their Winter Classic jerseys on October 28th. Caroline sent in some more pics from St. Louis.
Our stance on Steeler jobbing:
Steeler fans can do it.   No one else.
Videos like this one, which the Hanch sent us, make us wish we ran a Steelers blog, too:
100 bucks there's a woman in the next room, naked, being held against her will.
Or it could be a man.
Drew Brees threw 4 interceptions in a loss to the Cleveland Browns.
Drew Brees threw 4 interceptions.
People always want to talk about the referees helping Vegas with point spreads.
What about players?  4 interceptions, Drew Brees?
Vegas cleaned house with this game.  Just sayin'.
@Statictrance found this carving kit at Walgreen's.
possibly carved
not carved
not carved
not carved
We aren't posting any more of these pumpkins where the logo is just drawn on the pumpkin.
Carve that shit.
We're already talking about Halloween.
Might as well bring potential retards into the fold.
One of the popular ghost-hunting shows on TV was recently in New Castle investigating shit.
And they "talked" to a spirit who likes the Pens:
Listen closely.  It sounds like Howard Baldwin.
Thanks to PSAMP for the video.
We've learned how to make .GIFs.
As mentioned on Twitter, too-many-men penalties will never be the same again.
Wikipedia read of the day: Tyrannosaurus Rex