LINK CITY: Sabermetrics and Abraham Lincoln

Links that will rue the day they came up against The Extreme.
If you're Abraham Lincoln, you might enjoy reading a play-by-play blog of the Pens game last night.
Pens say practices feel like normal.
Do sabermetrics have a place in hockey?

Quick lesson.

The word "sabermetrics" comes from SABR, the Society of American Baseball Research.
It started in the 1960s and has hit the mainstream since the Internet exploded in the '90s.

Baseball is by far the most statistic-rich sport in America.
Since the dawn of time, baseball has had batting averages, earned-run averages, fielding percentages.

Sabermetrics' goal was to dig deeper.  Way deeper.  And the mathematical formulas for these advanced statistic are tried and true.  MLB loved them so much that sabermetrics like "on-base percentage" and "walks and hits per inning pitched" are mainstream stat categories.

Which brings us to hockey.

Tom Awad at PuckProspectus has come with a little something called GOALS VERSUS THRESHOLD (GVT).
Go over to this post at The Puck Stops Here to get even more caught up with this.
We've read the description of it twice, three times, four times, and have vomited all over ourselves.
We're just going to take Awad's word for it that this thing makes sense.
The Puck Stops Here put this GVT ranking together from last season's final stats.
So, whatever this thing is, it looks like it works.
There are some anomalies in that list, which The Puck Stops Here has done a solid job of explaining.
Just don't call these hockey sabermetrics.
Since "saber" is derived from Society of American Baseball Research.
Then again, "sabermetrics" is a cool word.
Shawn F. found Charlie in this music video.  Great song.
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