LINK CITY: Ron Cook’s First Strike, Jeff Reed Acts Like He’s A Big Deal, Pumpkins

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Ron Cook strikes for the first time all season. [ PG ]

Still, I can't help but think that Bylsma is doing Fleury wrong. Even if Fleury gets the start against Nashville, it will be eight days between games for him. He deserves better than that. He hasn't been nearly as bad as his 0-3 record and .853 save percentage say he is. The only really awful goal he allowed came Oct. 9 when he was beaten by Montreal's Scott Gomez for the game-winner late in the Canadiens' 3-2 victory.

Ron Cook knows its an 82-game season right? HE KNOWS, RIGHT? RIGHT!!!!!
Also, from the Leave Fleury Alone department.
Missed this on Friday because we don't read Ed Bullshit articles on the Post-Gazette.
Thought it was relevant because of the MAF/Johnson stuff reaching a possible DEFCON 3.
Jeff Reed knows how Fleury is feeling. [ PG ]

"In a perfect world, he'd make every save and I'd make every kick and every kickoff would be a touchback," Reed said Thursday. "And then nobody could say a thing. Even then somebody's not going to be happy. It's like the president; you can't please everybody."

We'd link more quotes, but we started to get violently ill reading it.  Did Reed compare himself to the President?
It is good to see Jeff Reed made his way to CEC, though. Because this needs updated:
Best part of fall is the Pens pumpkins that's start to filter in:
And we found the slideshow of pictures from last season.
Looking forward to what this year brings.
RussMuffin uncovered this video talking about TerrorDome at Civic Arena.
Little known fact:  This footage is from Game 7 last year.
http://lh3.ggpht.com/_fw7iF68JR8k/TMI964qB0rI/AAAAAAABbeY/okbzz9BctLE/blackdot.jpg A.O. wants to play with 66. [ ESPN ]
http://lh3.ggpht.com/_fw7iF68JR8k/TMI97E1YkZI/AAAAAAABbec/5D_Z2gq6DN4/bluedot.jpg Our boy Tony from the Confluence was on XM's War Room this morning. [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ]. Congrats to him for not ripping Mick Kern, the biggest Canadian fanboy on XM's lineup.
http://lh5.ggpht.com/_fw7iF68JR8k/TMI97emlOEI/AAAAAAABbeg/PeTrILpZ1BE/reddot.jpg The NFL sucks. No link.  Just saying.
http://lh3.ggpht.com/_fw7iF68JR8k/TMI97_39dlI/AAAAAAABbek/o4WUxdkJBuw/golddot.jpg Wiki read of the day: Feces. "Throughout the life of an ordinary human, one may experience many types of feces." So true.
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