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Tonight's the night.  Nothing like a game against the Capitals.  Speaking of which, Dave Molinari mentioned in an article today that the Caps have won 7 consecutive regular-season games in Pittsburgh, spanning three venues.  The last time the Pens beat the Caps in Pittsburgh was December 27, 2007, and that game went to overtime.  We got word from Japers' Rink that the last time the Pens won in regulation at home
was February 18, 2007.  Highlights:

Here's some article about Kris Letang doing what every Penguin player is doing. [ Trib ]
Japers' Rink is ready to go. [ JR ]
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Matt S. snapped this pic recently of the Civic Arena on the 11th.
Courtesy of Icethetics, the Isles third jersey has been leaked:
-And how about last night, Flyers fans booed a Hockey Fights Cancer ad because it featured Crosby and ToewsPuck Daddy grabbed this stream of tweets when it happened.
PD is trying to defend Flyers fans over there, but put another fanbase in their shoes.  Even at the height of our hatred for Mike Richards, we wouldn't have booed him in a Hockey Fights Cancer ad.  Same goes for Ovechkin.  We don't even really hate Ovechkin.  But we're supposed to.  Hopefully he worked on implementing another move over the summer.
-Staying with the Flyers, AlcoMichalek spotted this joke at the game last night.  Binoculars?  Really?  Understandable if your back's to the wall up in peanut heaven, but the guy is close enough to smack his balls against the glass.  What could he possibly be looking at?
Matt F. spotted Dan Bylsma on "The New Girl."  Speaking of which, we're supposed to believe that attractive brunette is having problems meeting men because she's nerdy?

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Go Pens