LINK CITY: Eberle, Avery, fire
Links that made you eat your parents.
A bunch of people sent this video in.

A couple things:
— They should've asked Crosby if he was gonna call Eberle for tips on how to score.
TSN has always had a great creative department.
— These deadpan deliveries from all the players are great.  Horcoff especially.

DayWalk3r — the man, the myth, the legend, sent this along.
It's just unfortunate that Blake Comeau's name had to be mentioned during this.
Charlie was spotted with Hogan at the Habs game.
Justin H.'s fireplace is becoming self-aware.
Wikipedia read of the day: John Paul Stapp
If you know anyone whose life has been saved by a seat belt, you can thank Stapp.