LINK CITY: Benstonium, Edmonton pics, Yanni…

New video from Benstonium:
Getting 5 out of 6 points in western Canada ain't too bad.  Ask James Neal.
"I've done this trip a few times. I don't think I've ever gotten five of six," Penguins winger James Neal, formerly of Dallas in the Western Conference, said late Sunday night.
Got an e-mail from GG saying that the Edmonton feed twice mentioned Sunday night that Malkin took a shot to the ankle during the Calgary game.  And there are rumors that Glencross slashed him.
Crosby is meeting with his concussion overlords today in Pittsburgh.  Rob Rossi has a job to do, but this article could've been one sentence long. [ Trib ]
Also from Rossi, a big-time read about Dan Bylsma. [ Trib ]
Dejan looks at where Fleury falls in terms of all-time Pens goalies.   Then he may have asked him to pose nude for a pic.  [ Trib ]
ALSO: @PensRyourDaddy has some stats on missed shots, Mike Green fail, CFA, big news out of Yanni's camp…
So, here are some stats regarding missed shots.  Keep in mind this has nothing to do with shooting percentage.
Kris Letang missed the net twice while you were processing the information in this graph.
Check out what Mike Green did last night.  First goal of the game.
Speaking of the Caps, C-Blog dug up that the D.C. Pour House got bought by a Caps fan.  The website still says it's home of Pittsburgh sports, so, yeah.
Congratulations to our boy Yanni, owner of a panda.

I was at the Summer Sports Jam, caught Adams toward the end of his autograph session, bullshitted with him for a minute or two and got him to sign this.  Yes, it's legit. It's framed in my man cave right now.  He actually put C.F'n.A. It was right after he signed his deal, so he probably put the same thing on the dotted line right under Shero's name.  What a human.  Probably the coolest Harvard alum ever. – Brian S.

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