LINK CITY: Richard Park all day Molinari comes through with the article we've all been waiting for: Richard Park.  For whatever reason, they decided to use the above pic for the piece. Pens website went balls-deep into Sunday's practice.   You should click the following link, go build Rome, then come back to it.  Should be done loading by then.  [ PENS ] Yohe has a story about James Neal and how he's looking to turn it up this season.  The article also takes a look at how Pens fans jobbed him last year. [ Trib ] with a pulse is pumped that Crosby hasn't experience any symptoms after two days of pushing himself as hard as he has all summer.  What's more bizarre in this article is the revelation that Dustin Jeffrey hasn't been cleared for contact.  Didn't even know they re-signed him. [ Trib ]'s Training Camp Tour talks about Geno. [ ESPN ]
ALSO: More Talbot, Jason Spezza, and the Staals
Some writer from Philly decides to compare Minimum Talbot to…Mike Richards.

The Panthers and Predators are playing a double-header today.  Serious.
Rumors are floating around that Jason Spezza may be traded to Buffalo.  We wish that would happen, too.  But you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first.

Marc Staal has concussion symptoms stemming from a hit Eric Staal gave him back in February.  Awwwkwaaarrrrd.

Jets players are getting accustomed to playing in a city nuts about hockey…while the Winnipeg Burger King gets accustomed to Dustin Byufglien.


Wikipedia read: Eiffel Tower
Go Pens