LINK CITY: Jagr and Talbot speak

It is seriously information overload right now.  We go from three months of silence to news flying into your mouth from all directions.   If you're consuming every bit of information you can, like we are, it's impossible to relay all of it.  But if you're coming here hoping to know how Steve Sullivan is adjusting to life in Pittsburgh, it ain't happening.  So just bookmark these sites: Pens website has unlimited information from Friday and Saturday.  Here's the best picture to come out of training camp so far:
Two pillars of the community. MacIntyre, who may make the team for some reason, had this to say in regard to intra-team scrimmages:
"I see a chance for a hit, and I'm like, 'Whoa, that's Malkin!" at ESPN, Scott Burnside and Pierre Lebrun kicked off their training camp tour in Pittsburgh on Friday.
ALSO: Jagr and Talbot speak…

Basically, Jagr says he was booed in Pittsburgh and he didn't feel like Pens fans wanted him back anyway.  Over it.  Big-time job by Greg at Puck Daddy for grabbing this video.  He also has a writeup about it. [ Puck Daddy ]
And here's Minimum Talbot:

That's the hardest he's worked in an NHL locker room in two years.  He's asked how Jagr will be received and then ends up talking about himself.  Vintage.
Newsflash for Max Talbot: You'll get booed because you're in a Flyers jersey, and half of the fans who boo won't even do it out hate; it will just be the right thing to do, and everyone will move on.  Only good players get booed.  Jagr gets booed because he is one of the greatest players in NHL history.  And he'll be booed every time he touches the puck.  And it will be glorious, especially when he roofs one on MAF from Jagr Street.

And here's the video everyone will be talking about on Sunday.  Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz had some big-time fight.  You'll see what happened in the video.  And then the HBO interviewer goes into Jim Gray mode.  Great times.

Go Pens