LINK CITY: No Cuts, Moves Like Jagr…

Pens vs. Kings in KC tonight. In some alternate universe, this is like the fourth season for the KC Penguins. The game is sold out.  Here's the old Arena Photoshop Expo from Blogspot: dated March 12, 2007.
TheRoyalHalf  tweeted this out.  Yes, that's Drew Doughty, too. What a mistake.
Training Camp shit:
Pens refuse to make cuts.
Broadway Joe Morrow making all the right moves. [ Trib ]
The Pens don't know if Orpik will start the season or not. [ PG + ]
The boys over at Get To Our Game found a great quote from Shero about Crosby practicing. [ ESPN ]
"I was watching the other day and I said to Dan I'd pay 9 million bucks just to watch him practice," Shero told
ALSO: Shero doesn't lose another trade, Malkin tweets a pic of his cat, Jagr pun, GIF, Chinese hurdlers…
Centre Avenue is reopening to smooth Pens traffic. [ PG ]
 Luca Caputi was cut by the Leafs. [ The Star ]
The Poni trade will now be remembered as a wash.

The first major Jagr pun on

Oh, by the way, Ol' Double J with two goals Monday night.

Malkin tweeted out a pic of his cat.
Speaking of Geno, here's two quick stories on him. [ WaPo ]  [ USA Today ]



GIF of the day: 

You beat some drunk guy up, then you get on the news. Too bad you have a poop stain on your shorts. [ Freak Show ]

Go Pens