LINK CITY: Wilkes-Blog. Rick is cheating on us, and DC Meetup
A collection of links better than Sheetz. If your jaw hurts, it's 'cause Eric P. is in your mouth with coverage of the Pens Rookie Tournaments from north of the border.  Check out his stuff on Wilkes-Blog. If anything, go to one of the Gameday posts to see Stephen's Gameday graphics.  We enjoy these little things in life. Go check out Rick's Pens season preview at HOUSES OF THE HOCKEY. St. Louis Blue David Perron says he will donate $5,000 to charity if he reaches 20,000 Twitter followers.
He's at 15,833 as of 7:30am Monday morning.  Get to dancin'.
We say PensBurgh is a beast website.
Wikipedia read of the day: Maura Murray
Go Pens