LINK CITY: To The Isle, Staal vs Backstrom,Terrible Slash, Michalek Chant

Links that are bringing bail money to the Isle
Cy up to his old tricks: The Islanders don't expect the game to be like "last time." So we guess they don't plan on attacking people? [ Canadian Press ] Nothing really going on witht he Pens. The Pens are pushing MAF for the MVP. Interesting that Bob Smizik and Mark Madden are quoted in the same story. [ ] read of the day from the Sportshaze. Interesting comparsion of Nicklas Backstrom and Jordan Staal. [ Sportshaze ]
"But despite Staal’s continued development, Backstrom has outperformed him by any measure, including point shares, which combine offensive and defensive contributions. By that metric, the Swede has outdone the Thunder Bay, Ont., native by a 35.5 to 20.2 margin in their careers."
There are some good points made, but this is our defensive of Jordan Staal:


Remember that time you wanted to two-hand slash someone over the end with a stick?


Thanks to Jason W. for that youtube.


Got this email awhile ago:
This week they finally found it:


OH MAN. hahhahaah


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Who to make fun of:

Ranger fans. hahhahahahahaah. The Rangers lost to Atlanta. If Carolina wins out, bye bye New York.


Go pens