LINK CITY: TIOPS jobbing, A.O fights Dubinsky

Links that are shoveling snow.
After the Insider On Pittsburgh Ball Sweat came out with reports of Staal's injury, we asked him to come on a podcast and clarify himself.  He sent us this response: A lot of shit going down.  Solid article over at Puck Daddy, put together by a reader, that comes to the conclusion that there is no referee bias toward the Penguins.  The title is kind of misleading, but take an hour, read the article, and you'll come to the same conclusion that most of the comments came to: Penguins suck, and Crosby's a baby. The Capitals have lost 6 straight.  And although it's enjoyable to watch, ProHockeyTalk asks if this will help the Caps in the long run.  And that's what we're worried about, too.  Any eventual Cup winner has to overcome balls of controversy sometime in the regular season.
Also, A.O. fought Dubinsky last night while the Rangers were stomping the Caps 7-0.
Gotta love the announcers. We're all Winter Classic'd out right now.
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