LINK CITY: The World Is Falling Apart, Etc.

Links that are watching the world burn.

 Malkin isn't at practice today. Could this hit have anything to do with it?

According to Dan Bylsma, "he’s still dealing wth bumps and bruises. He played a hard game last night. He took a couple hard plays to the ice."

Puck Daddy looks at the Penguins problems.

At least we're not the Devils:

What in God’s name is going on here? Why does this team even bother taking sticks on the ice? Why not just wear top hats and silk gloves and skate around with jazz hands?

At least that would be vaguely entertaining.

There are two days remaining to vote for the Pens greatest games volume two DVD. has a list of what teams are doing for Veterans Day/Remembrance Day.

Wikipedia read of the day: Sandwich