LINK CITY: The River Wizards, McCartney and Red Wings [UPDATED]
>> Arena football is coming to Pittsburgh.
There's a press conference sometime on Friday or something.
The team name has already surfaced: The Pittsburgh River Wizards.
This is not a joke.
CANNOT WAIT to see the logo.
UPDATE: They are the Pittsburgh Power.
Still feel the same about this:
If the cheerleaders dress up in the Harry Potter shit, Consol will sell out:
But hopefully the cheerleaders' lives won't rapidly spiral out of control while they vomit on themselves.
>> A.C. Slater posted more McCartney videos to YouTube.
>> Got this e-mail about the Red Wings sticker on Paul McCartney's guitar:
Very anxious to see if this stays on the guitar or was just a temporary decal.
The guitar is going to be in the RNR Hall of Fame someday.
Or wherever it goes, it will be on display.
courtesy of @pghpenguins
@pensfan81 shut down the aforementioned Lemieux affiliation:
So, the real story behind the McCartney Red Wings sticker?
We've been told it's the logo of a guitar company.
And then again, he was also backed by a band called Wings.
But we found this tidbit on a shady-looking website:

"Paul McCartney performed on Saturday, October 15, 2005, at the Palace of Auburn Hills outside of Detroit, Michigan, the second of two sold-out show. Before the Friday show, Paul McCartney did an on-air interview with a local Detroit classic rock and roll station, WCSX while traveling to the sound check at the Palace. He talked about the Detroit Red Wings sticker on his Epiphone acoustic guitar. He said he was given the sticker by a fan at the Olympia stadium (the former home of the Detroit Red Wings) on the 1976 Wings Tour."

Don't know who to believe anymore.


There's other sources that say it was slapped onto his guitar as early as 1964.