LINK CITY: Shero on Crosby, Strange Sens fan, Matt Cooke Redemption, GIF

Links that hate this screen-grab: Shero speaks about Sidney Crosby. He just about seals the deal that we will not see Crosby for the rest of the regular season. [ ]


The key quote:

"He will be rejoining the team tomorrow in practice – but not to get ahead of ourselves, I just want to be clear on a couple things, as an update from myself. While he’s cleared to return to practice, we don’t anticipate him practicing with us all the time. It’s going to be a situation with game day skates. It’s a natural return for his progression here. His rehab has been ongoing. He’s doing well with it, but at the same time, as a manager, I have no expectations of him coming back and playing in the regular season"

Makes sense, but kind of surprising that if he does comeback it will be in the playoffs without any tune up. Almost wonder if the Pens are being overly cautious about getting people pumped. a lot else new floating around. Dustin Jeffrey is having surgery on his knee, a few more updates on shit from Michelle Crechiolo on the Penguins report. [ Pens ] This has been floating around the Internet for awhile:

Didn't know Jason Spezza's brother lived in Ottawa too. Holy shit is that fucking gay. of gay and Sens fans. Got this email awhile back and thought it was funny:


whoops. email from Peter G.
Hey guys,


I found this video tonight, and was curious if you thought that the reaction would be similar if someone got Matt Cooke for "Shirts Off Our Backs" Night.

Granted, Matt Cooke has thrown some amazing cheap shots.  Then again, he also never tried to win a casket match against someone on the ice, gaining a suspension for most of a season.
So what do you think? Would the Pens allow him back in the arena to do something like this? Would the crowd boo him? Would they give him the standing O as a sign of support?
Really good question there. We can't imagine Cooke getting booed. Hard to imagine a standing O because that would require all the casual fans at CEC now to actually care. of the day from PensAreYourDaddy: of the night: Camels