LINK CITY: Shero and Jagr Watch, Draft ‘cap, Red Sox Stunned Vid

The tumultuous return of Link City. to the final week of Jagr watch. Dejan with an interesting piece on Jagr/Shero. [ trib ]
"We have some interest," Shero said Saturday. "We've talked to the agent, and we've talked to Jaromir. We want to find out what we have to offer and what his motivation is to get back to the National Hockey League versus going back to Russia."
You can follow the week-long Jagr watch on twitter. Just follow the hashtag #jagrwatch.
The best part of #jagrwatch is that it just isn't about news. Everyone is on watch. People have been sending pics of their dogs and cats looking out the window. Any-time the number 68 comes up, get on twitter, and join the watch: has a good look at all of the Pens draft pics. The Pens are at the point where these prospects are at least three to four years away. Safe draft for Shero, whatev. [ Empty Netters ] finally the Pirates are unrealistic right now. Eric P and Ada, got some nice stunned video of some Red Sox fans last night.

Raise that shit.
Go Pens.