LINK CITY: Pens marketing, Double J, Guerin
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@bpayment alerted us to a page hinting at the Pens marketing campaign this season:
Kinda like it.
Still wish they'd incorporate naked women somehow.
In the past, we've got a shitload of anthem pics when the Pens play in Colorado.
Heads up: Single-game tickets for the Avs go on sale this Saturday, Sept. 18th.
Another dumb article over at Bleacher Report: The Penguins' toughest opponents this upcoming season.
Newsflash — Every opponent is tough. Thanks to Diamond Dave for informing us that ol' Double J lit the lamp twice in the KHL recently.
Garbage city goals. What a player, though.
Anyone know any places to get KHL news? The Devils finally got pooped on for the Kovalchoo mess.
Fined $3 million, lost a first-round pick and a third-round pick. Puck Daddy has more. Big news from Comcast country. Flyers sign Bill Guerin to a tryout. [ ]
How the hell do the Flyers have the cap room to even consider this? Guerin may have to sign for 50 bucks.
man @MattLentz spotted this outside the NHL Store in Manhattan:
No clue why fans from other cities hate Crosby. Check out our EASHL blogs for info about NHL11. Detroit fans complain? nooooooooo
Wikipedia read of the day: Gimli Glider