LINK CITY: Pens Blueprint, Elmo’s Back?..Three Links, more

Links that need a doctorrrrrrrrrr
Big-time article by our boy Mike Colligan. [ Hockey Writers ]
Mike talks to Pens assistant GM Jason Botterill:
“A big part of my job is giving Ray an understanding about what’s going on in the league,” Botterill says. “If he’s talking to Team X, he needs to know where they are with the [salary] cap. He needs to know if they have a player coming back from long-term injury so they’ll be looking to move a defenseman. Just making sure when he goes into these conversations with other GM’s he has a clear understanding of what their thought processes are and what their salary cap situation is.”
Great read to start the day.
From reader George K.:
When I was at the Pens-Kings game last month at the CEC, I noticed something that I have not noticed before. Perhaps you guys know. It looks like the Elmo balloon from the Mellon Arena has migrated across to the Consol Energy Center. It is in the end where the Penguins shoot twice, and I have a couple pictures that I took of it.

Is this good or bad luck, that is the question.
Does anyone know the official record story about the Elmo balloon?
Three Links: new updated Lifefyre is here. Tons of info here. [ Livefyre ] article on DJ Hero. [ Trib ] Chris E. sent this in: NHL playoff chances. [ SportsClub ]
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