LINK CITY: Paul Holmgren Hit By Car, Bizarre Tweets about Crosby

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 Paul Holmgren, GM of the Flyers, got hit by a car while riding his bike. [ Sportingnews ]

It appears that he might have hit a rut or something as he was biking in Avalon," said Peter A. Luukko, president and chief operating officer of Comcast-Spectacor. "I know Paul, he’s pretty fast on that bike so he probably went over pretty hard. The good news is that it’s certainly nothing life-threatening and we;ll have him back. “He has some broken ribs, broken shoulder and some stitches on his leg and arm, but Paul’s tough so he’ll be right back in the game.

Yeah, Paul is fine. He'll be back in his office making terrible decisions soon.

He will also apparently be cast in "No Country For Old Men II." 

What an idiot.

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One of our favorite things about Twitter is when something big happens, some journalists start on the defensive for no reason.

For example, after the news about Crosby broke this morning, several journalists rushed to shoot down every rumor imaginable:


Uhh, no one said this.


Come on, James.


This next one is the best:

No word on who he is talking to. So strange.


GIF of the day:


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