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Bylsma said all the Pens had today was an optional skate. He said a bug and some fatigue were going around. [ ]
The Penguins and the Capitals will be wearing a patch tomorrow to help raise money for the families of the Lokomotiv team that lost their lives last month. [ ]
“We compete against each other hard on the ice, but off the ice we all are part of one big hockey family,” Penguins General Manager Ray Shero said. “Many of our players had friends on the Lokomotiv team. All of us in hockey were touched by this tragic loss. We just thought this game was a unique opportunity for our two teams to work together to raise money for the children and families of the players, coaches and staff who lost their lives.”


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We don't do enough stat work. So we're trying to change that. Penguins stat of the day:
How unreal is Fifth Avenue Joe Vitale? He is winning faceoffs at a 61.8% clip. Top ten in the league. At the height of his power last year, Crosby was only clicking at 55%. 
From reader @mattkoz81  via Drudge Report – Obama visited Pittsburgh yesterday. Looks like more people were interested in the home opener.
We're doing a free Rinkotology Thursday Night — live-scoring game. [ Rinko ]
 GIF Of The Day:
Bonus: Alison Brie gifs.…..mannnnnnnnnn
Go Pens