LINK CITY: NHL 11 Midnight Release, Poll, Texas Ted vs. Columnist

Link city will be here every morning from here on out. Every time there is no link city, we will fine ourselves a dollar and donate to the best charity that is recommended by one of you. So bring the links and shit. 11 kicks off tonight. Some places are having a midnight release for it. Walmarts, Gamestops, and EB Games are all rumored to be having midnight releases. Be sure to check out our EASHL bloggers sections for details as well.
— Once NHL11 is in full swing, we will be having tournaments with our friends at RIVALSPOT. But we need to get some info from people playing. So we'll be launching a poll for our NHL11 players later tonight. Really big fight going on between Texas Ted Leonsis and Toronto columnist Damien Cox. It all started when Cox wrote this article, blasting A.O., and then Texas Ted responded here.

Alex’s contract was NOT a long term front-loaded contract structured to achieve artificial low contract value for the purpose of achieving certain advantages under the salary cap. Nor was Backstrom’s deal. That is why they were approved and why we played by the rules. Alex will still be young enough when his deal ends to sign another contract too! As will Backstrom. The writer knows that. Why he lumps the deal in with these other deals is just mean-spirited and inspired by other factors known only to him.

Hopefully this ends in some type of Jell-o wrestling fight. Sick artwork from btrain. Lastly, our new comments system will be launched in a few weeks. Check out Livefyre for a preview. It is going to be pretty slick.