Link City: Monday, Monday
Any tips, links, YouTubes, send them along to Crosby met Roger Federer over the weekend.
Revealing stuff about Jay McKee and tennis. TSN Lost in a lot of the Consol hype, Penguins first-round pick Double B is having a great U.S. evaluation camp. PENS Charlie makes his music-video debut for the band Mace Ballard: Thanks to Mike Wong for this pic.
P.A. Rep Tim Murphy representing Stephen S's designs.
Five best stories to read if you are bored today: Tragedy at the Sauna World Champions. (Graphic pics) Huffpo The original story behind the Madden video games. ESPN There once was a wet t-shirt night promotion in Atlanta. GroundRuleTriple The Kovalchuk transcript. MeltYourFaceOff Read about Lions on Wikipedia. WIKI


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