LINK CITY: Michel Therrien a finalist for the Habs job? Doughty’s sick goal, CBC montages, Top 25 restaurants in Pittsburgh


Uh oh. According to the CBC's Hot Stove last night Michel Therrien is a finalist for the Montreal Job:


Also noted on that Hot Stove:

  • If the Coyotes can't reach a deal in Glendale, the option to fold the Coyotes is out there, although unlikely according to Deputy commissioner Bill Daly
  • Draft talk. Discussion about the Oilers dealing the top pick.
  • Tim Thomas's facebook updates.



Jeff Carter's goal was the biggest last night, but Drew Doughty's goal was the nastiest:

Drew Doughty has been the best dman in the playoffs. Kris Letang should be taking notes. Sorry were not sorry.

via The Royal Half


After the jump a look at the CBC's montage efforts so far, gifs, a four best reads.


CBC is on a different level when it comes to montages. It has gotten to the point where we look forward to their montages more than the game.


Game 1's was awesome:


Game 2 wasn't that great:


But CBC's worst montage wouldn't even compare to how bad NBC's are.



Four best reads on the internet

  • Someone may have cracked the Amelia Earhart mystery. [ Gawker via csmonitor ]
  • Bill Murrary profile. [ Esquire ]
  • Christopher Nolan discusses if the Joker will get any facetime in the Dark Knight Rises. [ The Mary Sue ]
  • Pittsburgh Magazine does the 25 best restaurants in Pittsburgh. [ PittMag ]

Hard to believe Cap Grille and Alla Famiglia don't make the list. Really want to try some of these places.


GIF of the day:


WIKI read of the day:

The Monty Hall problem.


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