LINK CITY: Mark Recchi Still Sucks, Don Cherry on Cooke, Caps and Sheen
Links that are coming hard. you missed it, the tornado video, two parodies, a transcription are all here. [ Yinzer meets a tornado ]"Teammates said Crosby has looked mentally and physically sharp during on-ice skill drills, adding that he is skating and maneuvering with improved speed.". [ trib ] Mark Recchi is a dick. He accused the Habs of faking the Pacioretty hit. "That was an interference play, at worst, and the partitions got in the way. I don't think Zdeno is to blame for that, obviously the League found that. We don't feel as players it is. I've been run into the turnbuckle probably 40 times over my career. As a winger, that's the risk you take when you go along the boards like that. " [ boston cbs ]
Recchi probably committed a huge turnover after these comments. of assholes, Don Cherry went nuts on 66 and Cooke: "Mario Lemieux. One of the biggest phonies I've ever seen," Cherry said. [ espn ]


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He also called Matt Cooke a "rat." As usual the Caps are late to the party on something. This time it is Charlie Sheen. [ DCsportsblog ]
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