LINK CITY: Mario’s Snickers Commerical, RINKO on it’s way, GIFs

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Updates on practice today from to Brent Johnson. His wife gave birth to a baby girl – Everly Grayce Johnson. skated again in the morning. Island on the point of the powerplay. Quotes from Disco:

"(He brings) a shooting presence, for sure. He was the first guy over the boards in the game in Florida. And Z’s mission is to wire the puck at the net. He’s got one of our hardest shots, if not the hardest shot. If he’s hitting ankles, we’re alright with that. You saw his goal – it wasn’t a power-play goal, we had an extra attacker on – but he wires the puck to get us a goal. " We probably have posted this before at some point. But unreal Mario commercial:

thanks for @Penguinsmarch're in the final stages of finishing Rinko.
We think it is going to be a lot more fun this year. We're hoping to open it by Thursday.
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GIF of the day:
Old time classic.
Bonus gif from opening day:
WIKI read of the day: John Frum
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