LINK CITY: Malkin time, sad story

Links that are saying Malkin goes for 40g 70A this season.
  Joe Starkey writes what a lot of people are thinking. This is Malkin's time. [ Trib ]

This is Evgeni Malkin's team for now — and despite injuries and bouts of inconsistency, Malkin has shown he can carry the club. When he's right, he is a top-five player in the world. A two-time 100-point scorer. He should run the power play from the right half-boards, as he did so expertly during Crosby's prolonged absence in 2007-08.

Cam Ward sucks.

 A must-read about the KHL airline disaster. Just awful. [ achicksperspective: Reality Check ]

ALSO: Westboro Bapist spares Pens, GIF of the day, wiki



  From reader Jeremy V.:

I stumbled over this, WBC is picketing the Foo Fighters show at the Sprint Center on 9/16 and the NBA game on 10/15, but looks like they're leaving the Pens game alone.

You can see their schedule at the worst website in the world. 

GIF of the day:

  Wiki read:  Banking in Switzerland

Go Pens