LINK CITY: Letang Through Time, Sid/OV Vanity Fair, Darren Pang

Links that think Geena Davis is ugly as shit. Although she was cute in the late '80s.  Not saying she's who you would pick to be stranded with on a deserted island, but her legs are like a half-mile long.

Jesse from Faceoff-Factor brings the noise with a must-read piece on Kris Letang. [ Face-off Factor ]

Jesse has followed Letang since he was in juniors and takes a look back at him through the years.
So weird that we remember reading these articles back in the day:
On Letang in 2006/07 playoffs for his juniors team:
"Anyone who saw Letang dominate during that time shouldn’t be surprised at what he’s doing today. Here are some stats that should paint that picture for you: Letang averaged nearly 12 shots on goal per game during that run; he registered 31 points (12+19) in 19 games, and played nearly every second of special teams play through that playoff year."
It is almost goosebump central to think that now Letang is actually in the top three of all-star voting and D-man scoring.
Give that article a read. Unreal shit. Trib has some HBO 24/7 stuff.

Is it us, or does it still seem that HBO forgets last year ever happened?
All these videos seem to just be the same shit.  Yawn
Somebody marketing the 24/7 sent us some art or whatever:
This poster cinches it.  We are definitely going to watch now… Speaking of more Winter Classic stuff, D.C. Sports Bog has some shit about Crosby and Ovechkin in Vanity Fair.
D.C. Sports Bog used this as one of the screenshots from the video.  All we're gonna say. No clue if Malkin is playing tonight.  Canadian media is in town, so they'll know before Malkin knows probably. Everything Pittsburgh has a Crosby piece.
Darren Pang is someone we'd want following us around doing color commentary about our daily lives.
But unfortunately he was already thinking of "way" while saying "right" while talking about PK Soupcan.
Obviously, nothing at all will come of this.
Darren Pang seems like one of the most bad-ass people you could meet.
It gives us a knot in our own stomachs to think anyone out there has an ax to grind on this.
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