LINK CITY: Isles Tattoo, Red Wings Amway Fallout

Links that were lost off the waters of Michalek Island
 We probably should just create a blog about the stupid shit the Islanders do. New gimmick this year on Long Island:  A tattoo shop. [ ESPN ]

Tattoo Lou's has been designated to become the official tattoo shop of the Islanders, the first time a professional sports franchise has ever designated an official tattoo shop.

Love how this article makes it sound like the Islanders are breaking down some type of barrier. One look at Tattoo Lou's website is all you need to know:
It is terrible to say, but we hope an ink gun takes this guy's eyes out.
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  In other partnership news in the NHL, some Red Wing fans are up in arms about the new sponsor. [ Crain's Detroit ]
One Red Wing blog flew off the deep end about this:

What does that say for the rest of the Red Wings’ fanbase? If I feel disenchanted by this move, what about everyone else? Never in my life have I ever had a moral problem with the Detroit Red Wings, not until tonight. For me, that might mean less time going to games, and less energy invested in the team overall. For a more casual fan, the Red Wings might go from a passion to simply another thing to do. And for the extremely casual fan, well, how about those Lions? And those Tigers? When your fanbase is alienated, they don’t come back easily. And when they do, it’s never as intense as it was before.

Jesus what a baby. Yeah, Amway apparently is some scam, but who cares? Can't wait till the Pens powerplay is sponsored. Oh wait…
From reader Adam V.  Charlie at The Orloj in Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic.
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