LINK CITY: Help Other Penguins Fans Out Edition
Links that want to lend a a helping hand.
Every so often we get emails or tweets asking us to help out with various things. We either forget to post it, or well it doesn't make sense to.
But since it is the all star break we figured we would post some info on some fellow Pens fans that need helping out. on the list due to time restrictions is musician Danielle Barbe. She needs our help in getting her video onto MTVU.

All you do is have to vote here MTVU. (Poll is on the right) Voting ends at 2:00pm Friday. We have known Danielle since she was like 2. True story, Danielle's dad had season tickets back in the day and used to take Derek and his dad to Pens games. Her grandfather played in the NHL as well. Not only is she a Pens fan, but she is pretty damn talented too. So if you want to do something good vote for her. Next up is our boy Matt Wong. Another funny story, Matt's sister has been a reader for years and back in 07' she got us Winter Classic tickets when we thought we weren't going to be able to go. Here is Matt's email:
I entered a contest to design a Warrior hockey stick. The winner receives six Warrior hockey sticks bearing the design, an opportunity to attend, along with one companion, an NHL game (selected by Warrior), with travel and admission costs paid for by Warrior, have the winning design stick used in a game by a player selected by Warrior, and have the opportunity to present the stick bearing the design to the player at the game. Voting is limited to only one vote per day, per person. Warrior will announce the winner on March 1st on its website.
So as you could probably guess, I would like to have the support of ThePensblog to help me receive votes to win the contest. If you could help me with this, I would like to split the six sticks with you so that way you could have one to keep and use and one you could use in a contest (like Rinkotology or whatever else you want to use it for). Also Michael gave me the idea of trying to get the stick signed by some players or the entire team to auction off for the benefit of the Mario Lemieux Foundation (or something similar). Also I thought you might like the idea of jobbing a player in person if you wanted to come along and deliver the stick. (Especially since it appears that Henrik Zetterberg is the player) Also I figured this could help you gain a larger audience if you offered the stick in a contest and especially if you auctioned off a signed one stick through the site.
This is the link to vote for my design:
It is a somewhat Pens-themed stick with black and gold, which I do not believe Warrior has any black and gold stick designs, so the Pens need to be represented. (Making it even funnier if Henrik Zetterberg is the player)
Thanks in advance,
Matt Wong

So basically vote for this and Matt is going to give us sticks to give away. Also Zetterturd would have to use the stick. No question this needs to happen. Vote here. Warrior Stick. You can vote on the right hand site. Some wangs fan is in first. lastly an email from Stephen D.

My name is Stephen Daniel and I am a professor at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina. I have also been an avid Penguins fan ever since I was 5 years old (I am 25 now). Throughout the course of my life, I have been known for having a very obsessive personality. This means, if I get interested in something, I invest a substantial portion of my time and energy towards whatever my interests are. That being said, I have been criticized for my avid love and dedication to being a Pens fan. I am 25 years old, I have a Masters degree, and I read the Pensblog, I posted "Gary Roberts for President" in my office, I listen to WDVE Mario and Evgeni Malkin diaries, and I always know what youtube channels provide the best highlights for the pens, when am I going to grow up? I have pondered over my obsession for a while and I have come up with this conclusion…

I have been obsessing over the Penguins almost my entire life, and although I have written in various blogs, I feel like I have had nothing to contribute to the Penguins organization. Therefore, I would like to do something special (and potentially stupid to my own health) to contribute to the Penguins and to the Pensblog.
As aforementioned, I am a professor in South Carolina. I absolutely love my job, but I cannot market this profession outside the University. Therefore I wanted to help the Penguins with my 3rd obsession: distance running. Which is the reason I am contacting you at the Pensblog. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the premiere place for Penguins fans to gather. I would like to propose an idea and I want to know what you all think.

Saturday, February 19th is the Myrtle Beach Marathon and I am registered to run in this event. On top of my rigorous training schedule, I wanted (hypothetically) to conduct a side project called: "The Marathon for Mario". In which, I could get sponsors for my race as I run. All proceeds would go to the Mario Lemieux Foundation (I do not want a dime, I just want to run and help a noble cause). Another reason I am contacting this website…

I have seen some amazing projects done by the Pensblog: fantasy playoff hockey, fantasy olympic hockey, and even helping the gentlemen with the free Q'doba burritos. I have experience with advertising and marketing, but I cannot maintain a high end website, I don't know how Paypal donations work, but I do know that you have donated money to the foundation, and I'd like to help. If I can get fans to donate, even 5 dollars a person, I think the profits will add up and we can give a substantial donation to the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Additionally, Myrtle Beach has plenty of Steelers bars, and I want to try to get some businesses around here to contribute some money.

The bottom line is, I have had friends that had to endure the hardships of cancer and cancer treatment. I have even lost a good friend to this disease. Throughout graduate school, I have encountered various students that have made remarkable steps to cures for this disease. I know it's out there, and I know that if we keep supporting these brilliant minds, we can truly make a difference.

I have provided a link to a "hype video" at the bottom of this e-mail. It is truly very cheesy, but the training is real. I am logging in 45-55 miles every week, I have run in 2 half marathons, and have run 20 miles twice in an outing. I take this very seriously, and I hope you and your readers will support me in donating just a few bucks out of their pocket. This website has already done so much for others, I think all together we can make a big difference for the team we love so much.

Thank you, and Go Pens!



Stephen sent us this video:

If you wish to help him, send him an email at




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