LINK CITY: Hawks highlights, tattoos, Leonsis

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Kudos to reader Stephani for getting the highlights from Tuesday's Pens/Hawks game on YouTube:

Stephanie also uploaded some FSN features:



New faces – First Danny Potash feature of the year.


Interview with Beej Fantastic article by the Globe and Mail's David Shoalts about how Consol Energy Center doesn't lessen last year's disappointment. [ Globe and Mail ]
Great quote from Crosby in that article:
No clue why that quote pumps us up.
And no clue why last season was considered a disappointment.
Can't win the Stanley Cup every year. Can't become a spoiled fanbase.
Pens fans knew right out of the gate last season that the Pens didn't have it. Probably the best find on the Internet in the last 24 hours. Some site lets you search words in Flickr and then puts pics to the words.
Example: We searched the following… "leonsis fined idiot moron fat balls choke capitals vomit gumby."


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Site is called Flickrpoet Speaking of Leonsis, he got fined for mouthing off about the NBA salary cap. [ Fanhouse ]

But he did note that he is a huge fan of the NHL's system,
praising it and noting that it is a good one that works fairly.

"It's working," he said. "The teams are very, very competitive. There is no way that big markets teams can outspend small market teams. So when the season starts everyone thinks their team can compete for the Stanley Cup."

The Atlanta Thrashers, Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers = Small-market.
And in the Caps division.
Is a team considered a small-market team if they reside in a big market such as Miami but doesn't have support? List of top penalty-killing defensemen. [ NHL Hot Stove ]
Big Z gets an honorable mention:
Another cheap jersey site, sent in by JARED:
Paul C. (boosh) got this tattoo recently. That is beautiful.
Wikipedia Read of the day: Los Angeles riots of 1992.
Thanks to Logan B.