LINK CITY: Hair Fantasy League, Howard Baldwin, Last Call For Calendar Pics

A collection of joke links. the Fantasy Hair League. Puck Huffers has outdone themselves on this.
Read all the rules over at their place. Travis B. sent this story along:

I am moving out of the house I grew up in and have been going through tons of old memorabilia as I was (still am) a collector of EVERYTHING Penguins related.  My dad took me to a ton of games back in the 90's and I specifically remember a night when the Cleveland Lumberjacks of the IHL played the Russian Penguins (who Howard Baldwin ended up claiming stake in).  On this particular night, the gates opened very early and all of the players were stationed around the arena in various areas signing autographs.  They split everyone up so Mario was nowhere near Jagr…you had to decide which line to get in.  Obviously at the time – I think this was 93 as I do some research – I got into Mario's line and waited for what seemed days.

Once you get to the front of the line you could see Mario at the end of the table and had to get a bunch of jobber players autographs and Iceburgh was there doing his thing.  I found a bunch of these autograph photos.  I was stunned when I found this and feel like sending it to you guys could really do it some justice in some kind of post.
wow Last call for calendar pics. We've gotten so many great ones in. This is currently our favorite:
Top 10 pic all time. Laugh every time.
Adam doesn't know it yet, but this embarrassing pic of him will make the calendar.
His uncle sends us pics from time to time:
what a scooter.
Adam edit: Suck it.
This pic was taken in 2000 in the hills around the Golden Gate Bridge in SF.
My uncle made a book called "Oakland: A Photographic Journey." He's a big deal out there. Kate E. sends in the best YouTube of the day. Wrestling Botchamania:
Allison O. sends in the best wrestling pic of the day. Virgil was out at some fair: Lastly, best read of the day: Knights Templar.