LINK CITY: Game is at 8, Canucks/Blackhawks Highlights, Gameday suggestions

Three quick things… probably knows by now, but in case you missed it, the Pens game is at 8:00pm. No clue why this is, but now a whole extra hour to vomit. [ Trib ]
**Per Steve LePore, it will give Versus the option of showing the third period after the Bruins-Habs game wraps up tonight. If you missed the Canucks/Hawks epic Game 7, we don't know what to tell you. One of the best hockey games we've seen in years. Your hero is Alex Burrows. The goat of a lifetime is Chris Campoli. Feel awful for him.
Bobby Lu and Crawford stole the show. Crawford was insane. The goal:

Unreal celebration after the Hawks tied it too.  man. We are desperate for a Gameday character.
Our boy Hammy gathered all the Gameday characters for the year:
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Go Pens.