LINK CITY: Errey pranks, River Wizards logo Jason M. was in the pranking mood recently and used the Bob Errey Soundboard to call the Flyers and Red Wings.  If your initial reaction is "those prank calls are weak sauce, gay, lame," then you're taking life too seriously on a Friday.
Gary Roberts calls the Wells Fargo Can for tickets.
Rico Fata calls Joe Louis Arena about handicap accessibility.
So, how about takes you to this splash-esque page.
Complete with team logo, Consol logo, and AFL logo.
Thanks to Greg B. for sending that in.
Something just doesn't add up about the River Wizards thing.
How could something as specific and coordinated as the team name result in different reports?
They might have heard the feedback on the River Wizards name and shut it down.
Adam K. spotted Miro Satan recently walking the streets of Bratislava.
Chris H. needs a .GIF made of the spinning heelkick at 1:55.
Matthew B. with a solid Pens preview video.  Man.
Wilkes-Blog's Eric P. with one, too.
And Jordan Staal's foot isn't healing from surgery as fast as everyone hoped.
He probably won't be on the ice for the beginning of training camp.
We're giving him a pass on everything until the new year because of his return in the Montreal series.
And while on the topic of Jordan Staal, check this blog out that reader DJ sent us: STAAL
Don't know quite what to make of it yet.
Go Pens
Find it.  from MATT N.