LINK CITY: Douche Fallout, Pens WC Jersey Leak?

The Max Talbot douche thing blew up and made it all the way to TSN.
As expected the comments made Caps fans a little mad, or whatever you can call this hack article from SB JOKENATION.
Opening line of said article:

"So, I don't watch much hockey beyond Capitals games, and even there, my knowledge is half-baked at best. But I enjoy it, and especially love Alex Ovechkin, who's maybe my favorite athlete in any sport…"

Don't watch hockey.  Check.
Express the fact you don't watch much hockey.  Check.
Proclaim love of OvechkinCheck.
And it's official.  The writer of that "article," Andrew Sharp, passes the Capitals fans sobriety check.
Hopefully he gets hit by a train.
Have to give props to FIGHT FOR OLD DC for actually knowing what they are talking about.
Good read.
Although, we have to say,  Capitals fans missed the boat.
If we ran a Caps blog, we would have just posted this and called it a day:
Got a tip that the Pens Winter Classic jersey may be this:
Cannot believe that the Penguins refuse to wear the '91-'92 jersey.  So bizarre.
Might have to start a petition or something at this point.
Go Pens
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