Link City, Did Gomez score?

[Did Gomez score?] plays are down in the [NHL].  Is this because players are playing more within the rules or is [obstruction] being allowed back in the game to prevent concussions? Nader, who is the founder of the League of Fans, wrote an open [letter] to Gary Bettman asking him to ban fighting.  Ryan Lambert responds to Nader on [puck daddy]. Ruutu may be off the market as the Canes look to [re-sign] him.  Mike Knuble is on the [block]. Roenick might be involved with a group trying to buy the [Coyotes]. Horton had a setback on his return from a [concussion].'s [Schedule] Detroit vs. Anaheim, 7:30 p.m. on NHL Network.  Detroit is going for 19 straight wins at home.  The record is 20, set by the 75-76 Flyers.  


Video of the day:  From the OHL, this is head coach Mike Vellucci of the Plymouth Whalers being thrown out of the game.